Notas del Mercado de Algodón por: Jurgens Bauer 03/06/2008

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Believe it or not Wednesday’s trading began to provide some steadiness. I know that sounds crazy when you look at the day’s range, synthetics traded up to 94 cents in May and 98 cents in Dec, but the screen was active and thus options not as wild as the day before. Oh, don’t get me wrong it had its moments and quotes have been so wide you could park a double tractor rig in them sideways and still have room, but all in all it was an inside day and a relief in comparison to what we dealt with.

In other words, the panic wasn’t so bad. Does that mean its over? No! Not by any means. I’m concerned about the long term effects on the traditional market participants. These markets are getting further away from reality and seem more like a video game is being played. I wonder if some screen traders have opted for a joy stick yet, someone smart should invent one, believe me it’ll sell….

Margin calls seem to have been met and although I’m sure we’re going to hear more about troubled players. Limits will remain at 400 points for the time being.

I look for continued volatility, but some testing of the downside. Let’s see where it holds, then watch for a move back up. Remember 117 is still around lurking on the charts. I believe that cotton prices are intended to go the way of wheat and we’ll see crazy volatility, with frequent limit moves.

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